At Komori, we understand that purchasing a new press is a huge commitment—and you expect that press to perform at its peak throughout its lifetime. That's where KomoriKare comes into play. Our wide range of press performance upgrades and services can ensure that your press continues to deliver the quality and efficiency you require to maintain your competitive advantage!

Hardware Upgrades
Komori is always working to improve the quality of their equipment. An upgrade to your press can help you improve print quality, sheet path or even improve job cycle times.

Software Upgrades
Do you have the latest software? Our KomoriKare experts can make sure your press is running on the most current versions of all of our software products to maximize your efficiency.

Pressroom Performance Services
Are you really running your press at peak performance? Our KomoriKare team is available to evaluate your press from feeder to delivery to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment. After the evaluation, you will receive a "report card" with recommendations for upgrades or necessary service. The end result—production peace of mind.

Special Services
KomoriKare can help you with special projects like press moves or color management through G7 certification.

Ancillary Products
We partner with industry-leading suppliers to offer you turnkey solutions than can improve your production workflow. From software to finishing equipment, Komori helps you keep your competitive edge.

Komori Printing Press Hardware Upgrades

Komori Printing Press Software Upgrades

Komori Pressroom Performance Services