Hardware Upgrades

PDCS-II Upgrade - This upgrade replaces the PDCS-1 system, which we can no longer service after April 1, 2013. The system is much more advanced and simpler to use.

HUV Upgrade - Would love to add UV to your conventional press but can't because the press just won't fit those banks of UV lamps? Consider upgrading to Komori's proprietary HUV system that uses fewer bulbs that run cooler and can be retrofitted onto most existing conventional press systems.

Replacement PC - PC's get old and need to be replaced. Replace your old PC with a new PC with the most up to date software available.

Feeder Head Upgrade - if the feeder has trouble feeding paper, your press is down and not making money. This upgrade increases the air by over 20% making feeding difficult paper much easier.

Smoother Bar Upgrade - The smoother bar is the key to your paper feeding smoothly into the first printing unit. The smoother bar upgrade replaces the old and difficult to set system with the latest to set smoother bar available.

Static Bar Upgrade - Static is the sheetfed presses biggest enemy. Minimize or eliminate it with the latest static reduction system available.

Vacuum Feed Table Upgrade - Komori's new GL incorporates a new single tape vacuum feed system that virtually eliminates skewed sheets. Now we can retrofit your LS to take advantage of this great new technology.

Vacuum Side Guide Upgrade - Is your side guide marking your sheet? Are your wheels wearing out and need to be replaced. Consider upgrading to the new vacuum side guide; it's accurate, never touches the sheet and will never wear out.

Plastic Package Upgrade - Our customers' job mix is changing and your L or LS may not have the right equipment to handle the unique problems associated with feeding Plastic Substrates. Consider Komori's plastic package that will help get the substrate from the feed table to the first printing unit.

PrePac Upgrade - is your solvent style blanket or impression cylinder cleaner broken or giving you problems with dripping solvent or new VOC regulations? Consider upgrading to a new PrePac system that uses impregnated cloths and gives off virtually no VOC's.

FloClear Upgrade - Fountain solution is expensive and dumping contaminated fountain solution is VERY expensive. The FloClear filtration added to your circulator will keep you solution exceptionally clean, which means you'll never dump contaminated solution again and your press will run cleaner and in better control. A real RETURN ON INVESTMENT!

Komori HUV Upgrade

Komori Impression Cylinder

Komori Feeder head Upgrade

Komori Vacuum Side Guide Upgrade

 Komori PDCS-II Upgrade