Pressroom Performance Services

Press Performance Audit - Is your press in as good a shape as you think it is? Are parts that reduce productivity and cost you money wearing out and you don't even know it? Is your press on the verge of a major breakdown and you have no clue? Let a Komori Service Technician spend one day with your press and we can give you an accurate assessment of just what kind of condition it really is in. The benefits and cost savings from this program make it a no-brainier!

Extended Service Package - Your printing press is your major source of income so why not let the professionals at Komori take care of it for you through a Service Program that insures your press will be running in peak condition throughout the year.

KKRT Register Evaluation Test - The KKRT test seems simple enough; print some sheets with a specific mark and Komori will evaluate them. However the data we get from those sheets is invaluable to determine if you have a problem and where that problem may be. It is by far the best tool we have to evaluate how a press is performing!

Komori Pressroom Performance Services