Software Upgrades

BladeSetter Software - Why aren't you bringing ink key data to your press? With today's focus on reducing waste, you would think this is a simple decision to make. So if you're still not taking advantage of the technology in your plant, consider adding BladeSetter to lower your waste and increase your efficiency.

K-Station Upgrade - Accurate data from the press is the most valuable tool you can have, but like most, you relay on hand written press sheets or the pressmen input into an offline system. Why not use the power of the press to get your data through K-Station feed directly into your MIS system. K-Station also allows you to set up complete jobs away from the press so the press crew has far fewer keystrokes when loading a job, which minimizes the chance of mistakes. K-Station is a true 2 way communication from your front office to the press and back again.

KHS-AI Upgrade - Loading ink key data is great but what happens as the blankets and rollers age? That data just isn't as good as it use to be! AI or Advanced Interface learns the condition of your press and modifies the preset data to ensure the lowest waste possible. This upgrade can only be made on newer vintage LS presses and all GL presses.

KMS Software - You keep your desk/laptop computer running with the most up to date software so why shouldn't the computers in your biggest revenue producer, your press, run the most up to date software? Upgrade your KMS software to ensure you are getting the most out of your press.

Komori K-Station Software Upgrade

Komori KHS-AI Upgrade