Special Services

G7™ Qualification - G7™ is a proof-to-print process control method that allows you to reliably and efficiently match the visual appearance of multiple devices, ensuring that your process colors are neutral and balanced while also improving gray balance, color stability and color matching. G7™ can be applied to any type of CMYK printing process, including Inkjet, Offset Sheetfed, Offset Web, and Flexo print. IDEAlliance has created the G7™ Master Printer Program to help you incorporate this method into your workflow, and the Komori-partnered G7™ Certified Experts can help you achieve G7™ Qualification.

Press Relocation - Moving a press can be a frustrating experience. How do you know the people moving the press know what they are doing, and if there is a problem, what are you going to do? Let Komori handle your complete press move for you and have peace of mind that it's done right by certified Komori Service Technicians.

The PANTONE® Certified Printer Program - 

For half a century, designers and color professionals have relied on Pantone for consistent color standards that produce the most accurate color matches.

The PANTONE Certified Printer Program is for printers who wish to gain a competitive edge by:

  • Maintaining the highest achievable levels of color reproduction accuracy
  • Optimizing their operations from prepress to final output, to ensure greater consistency and efficiency
  • Reducing make-ready times and waste while maintaining color accuracy
  • Displaying a seal of approval from the world's leading color communications and control company

The PANTONE Certified Printer Program benefits designers, brand managers and print buyers who want:

  • Accurate print color reproduction
  • Consistent and reliable results
  • Greater confidence in choosing the right print provider
  • Timely and professional service

Comprehensive Certification

All operations areas and processes– Ink Room, Prepress, Print, Customer Handling – are reviewed in depth for proper equipment, best practices and optimal outputs. Certification experts audit, inspect, analyze and qualify all operations to meet Pantone quality standards, which have been continually refined over 50 years to ensure the highest level of accurate color reproduction.